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With the uncertainty of Covid and new versions of it, our schools in the US and elsewhere are challenging sources for educating our children during our recent pandemics.


In order to help our children to keep on learning at home, School Zone Institute wants to help you set up and provide a design education learning center at home with tools and supplies that children (depending on their ages) can do by themselves using our curriculum and new videos which show them exactly what to do step by step to unlock their creative ideas and self-expression in a constructive way.    These videos are available below and will start your children with drawing their ideas as well as carrying them to the model building stage, including that of adobe houses and to even more advanced city planning.  We work with children aged pre-K-12+.  It is important to note that all children will draw at their developmental level and beyond with practice and eventually become their own teachers.  That is Power for Children to do some of their own learning.  Take a look at our suggestions for a workplace at home for your children.

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